A golf cart lift kit is one of the most popular golf cart accessories available today. 

Lift kits raise the height of your cart, allowing you to add larger tires.

Golf cart lift kits have several advantages over regular carts, ranging from added strength and off-road maneuvering to increased attractiveness.

However, these carts are not appropriate for every cart owner.


When choosing a golf cart lift kit:

  • First, ensure the kit is compatible with your particular golf cart model.
  • Be sure to read the instructions carefully, as improper installation can cause damage to your cart. The best practice is for a golf cart shop, like Carts & Parts, to install the kit.
  • Use caution when driving a lifted golf cart, as it will be higher off the ground and take a bit more effort to stop.

Five different golf cart lift kits

Long Travel

Long travel kits are the most expensive and capable kit you can buy because of the independent front suspension and rear suspension system.

This means that the suspension system of the lifted golf car is not dependent on the shock absorbers.

When you hit a bump, the front suspension system goes up, and the rear suspension system goes down.

They are two types of long travel kits: Extreme Duty and Coil-Over.

  • Extreme Duty

Most Long Travel kits are called extreme duty because they provide front and rear suspension systems. As a result, you experience a smoother ride over rugged landscapes.

  • Coil-Over

The Coil-Over Long Travel kit includes the front suspension system, not the rear suspension.


A spindle lift kit is a great budget-friendly solution for those looking to add bigger terrain tires to their golf cart.

Spindle lift kits use lengthier spindles instead of factory spindles and longer u-bolts to allow for increased ground achieving the look of a giant, more powerful golf cart.


A-arm kits are also excellent for adding bigger tires to your golf cart. Still, they provide an additional benefit of increasing the angle of approach and departure.

The A-Arm design allows for an improved range of motion when turning and climbing hills.

They also provide superior control and stability when driving through uneven terrain.

These kits are typically more expensive than spindle kits but will outperform them in every way imaginable.

Drop Axle

Drop axle lift kits are a great option if you’re looking for additional ground clearance on your golf cart. They work by lowering the entire axle of the golf cart, which raises the vehicle’s height.

A drop-axle is for those who want to add larger terrain tires to their cart for more power and speed.

These kits are very similar to A-arm lifts, but they typically use drop spindles, which reduces the angle of approach and departure.


Block kits raise your golf cart by changing the block’s angle on your existing rear axle, allowing you to fit larger offset wheels and bigger tires for a more aggressive look.

They built this type of kit with high-quality steel that allows you to maintain the factory ride height while providing enough clearance for rougher terrain.

You will need an alignment after this type of kit has been installed.

Installing a Lift Kit

Suppose you decide to install a lift on your golf cart. In that case, you must take proper safety precautions to measure out the right size tires based on the height increases provided by each design. Otherwise, your lifted golf cart may become dangerous.

Our service center can help carry out these measurements when purchasing a lift from us. Our goal is to offer you the right tools to help your golf cart achieve its full potential at an affordable price that won’t empty your wallet.

An EZGO TXT with a 4' lift with 14" black machined Spartans with 23" street tires.

EZGO TXT with a 4′ lift kit with 23″ street tires.


Increased Clearance

By making your cart taller, you essentially add clearance to the underside of the cart. This is mainly an advantage if you use your cart for off-roading purposes.

A black 2011 EZGO Gas TXT with a lift kit, Maverick wheels with 23" off-road tires.

2011 EZGO Gas TXT with a lift kit and off-road tires.

This is because, with a lift, you don’t need to worry about rocks, trees, stumps, and other similar obstacles damaging your cart as your drive over them.

Higher Speed

A lifted golf car usually means larger tires. These tires offer a higher level of speed than regular tires do. The difference in speed varies from a few miles per hour to 20 mph.

Speed may not necessarily be beneficial from a safety standpoint, but it allows you to drive faster.

Getting In & Out

Since the cart is raised with a lift kit, it’s much easier to get in and out of the cart.

More Power

Many people use their golf carts to transport heavy items across distances that walking cannot cover. Some larger campuses also use golf carts to transport people over distances, particularly those who have trouble walking.

Also, if you need your golf cart for heavy demands, a lift kit gives you more power and reduces the risk of damage to the cart.

However, there are also some disadvantages to using a lift kit.



If you are using your cart to transport young children or older adults, you may need to consider whether the added value of the lift kit is enough. This is because, by using these kits, you add height to the cart.

A golf cart that looks dangerous with a very high lift kit.

A dangerous-looking lifted golf cart.

This may cause safety concerns, depending on your child’s age or whether you are using the cart to transport a person who may find it challenging to dismount from the additional height.


Lift kits not only add height, but they also add weight. This means the cart may risk tipping when going fast, mainly when you cut corners at high speed.

You can solve this by placing more weight on the front of your cart to balance the extra weight on the back of the cart.

However, this may not always be practical and can cause more complicated repairs or replacements of parts.

Wear and Tear Issues

They build golf carts with standard tires and wheels. Unfortunately, adding lifted tires will inevitably require your cart to work harder.

Working harder increases pressure on the golf cart motor, which may cause it to wear out more quickly.

This concern increases if you plan to use your cart to pull trailers or lug large loads, as the motor and batteries are the originals and are not always built for this purpose.

The golf cart lift kit answers people are asking.

What is the difference between non-lifted and lifted golf carts?

The difference between non-lifted and lifted golf carts is that they built the first to a standard height. In contrast, raised ones have adjustable suspension that allows users to raise and lower the cart as needed.

Lifted golf carts are helpful if you use your golf cart for off-roading purposes. It reduces the risk of damage to the front of your cart while driving over rocks, trees, stumps, and other similar obstacles.

A golf cart lift also provides better visibility when driving down hills or up steep ones since you don’t need to worry about anything obstructing your line of sight.

What’s the purpose of a lift kit?

Golf cart lifts raise the cart depending on users’ needs and desires. The purpose of a lift kit is to adjust your cart accordingly and make it safer, faster, and more powerful.

During the purchase process of a lift kit, you will need to consider whether you need it and which type would best suit your needs. 

This might require research on lifting techniques to derive the height boost that best suits your situation, even for your wedding day.

Is it wrong to lift a golf cart?

Whether lifted golf carts are a terrible idea will depend on your circumstances.

Using the cart to transport young children or older adults may not be a good idea because of safety concerns.

However, suppose your golf course sees more challenging terrain that requires you to lift your cart’s front tires off obstacles.

In that case, a golf cart lift kit is probably a fantastic investment for you.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve decided if a lifted golf cart is suitable, the next step is choosing the right lift kit for your requirements. Again, we have several options available.

We also sell batteries to keep you on the go.

Visit the Carts & Parts showroom to help you make your decision. Contact us at (937) 459-8891 for questions. We are here for you.