Golf jokes are a great way to connect with new people on a golf course. Have you moved to you are new place and are looking for a way to strike up a conversation with potential golf buddies? Looking for a way to make your long-standing golf friends laugh?

Regardless of why you’re looking to connect with people on the golf course, one of the best ways to do so is to crack some golf jokes. They are sure to elicit either a laugh or a groan – but regardless of which one you get, you’ll have broken the ice and have a way to start a longer conversation!

That said, we know that not everyone is able to come up with jokes on the fly. Even if you’re someone with a hilarious sense of humor, talking to new people can result in the nerves coming out and you forgetting everything you have planned.

In order to avoid this when cracking your jokes, one option you have is to rehearse and practice some funny golf jokes. That way, in even the most nerve-wracking situation, you won’t have to worry about going completely blank and being forced to come up with something funny on the fly!


Golf Jokes Sure to Make You Laugh!

Golf balls are like eggs – they’re white, they’re sold by the dozen, and a week later, you’ll have to buy some more!

What do you call a lion playing golf?

Roarin’ McIlroy

What’s the difference between a golfer and a fisherman?

When a golfer lies, he doesn’t need to worry about bringing anything home to prove it!

Why couldn’t Tiger listen to music?

Because he broke all the records!

What’s the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver?

A bad golfer goes ‘WACK – oh no!’ and a bad skydiver goes ‘Oh no – WACK’

When a group of new golfers went into the locker room, they overheard a group of old guys talking about their game. One of them went over and asked, ‘I’ve researched the game a lot, and I thought I knew all the terminology. But what’s a rider?’ The old guy replied, ‘A rider is when you hit the ball far enough to actually get in the golf cart and ride to the golf ball!’

Do you know why there are 18 holes on a golf course? Because that’s how long it took the Scottish inventors to finish their bottle of whiskey!

Best One-Liner Golf Jokes

Golf is the only game that allows good and evil lies.

The only time I read the green is on a golf course.

Golf is the only game you can enjoy without being good at it.

Golf Jokes for Kids

If you’re teaching your kids to golf, there’s no reason they should miss out on the fun! Here are some jokes they’re sure to enjoy as well!

Why do golfers always have two pairs of pants? In case they get a hole in one.

How many golfers does it take to change a light bulb? FORE!

Why was Cinderella a lousy golfer? Because her coach was a pumpkin!

What do you call a monkey who wins the Masters? A chimpion!

What did one golf ball say to the other? “See you around!”

Final Thoughts

Golf jokes are a great way to start a round of golf. Once you’ve started your round, however, you need a lot of essentials that just some funny jokes.

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