Understanding how to maintain your golf cart batteries properly is key to ensuring that your cart works properly and lasts for as long as possible.

While your golf cart owner’s manual will have essential information regarding maintaining your battery best, you should follow a few recommendations to ensure that your battery works appropriately and lasts a long time.


Store in Tow Mode

EZGO lithium Elite battery

If you don’t plan on using your golf cart for two weeks or more, be sure to store your golf cart in the tow mode.

You can flip the switch under your golf cart’s seat.

Switching your golf cart in tow mode prevents your cart from continuously drawing power from the batteries.

If you plan on storing your golf cart in tow mode, ensure you charge the cart at least once a month, especially in the winter.

Doing so will prevent your battery from freezing in cold weather.

Maintain Water Levels

When To Add Water to Golf Cart Batteries

Ensure the water levels in your cart batteries are maintained to maintain your cart’s battery life and keep your golf cart batteries performing correctly.

Remove the caps covering each battery cell and check the water level, which should be at least ¼ above the metal plates after charging the battery.

Depending on how much you use your cart, you should check your battery water levels anywhere from once a month to once a week.

Maintain Battery Terminals

10 Lithium Golf Cart Battery Facts You Need to Know

Ensuring your battery terminals are clean and tight is integral to getting your golf cart to perform at its best and maintain battery life.

To clean the terminals, ensure the battery caps are on before pouring a supersaturated mixture of baking soda and water onto any rust on the terminals.

Once the mixture has eroded the rust, spray the battery with water and check the tightness of the nut at the top of the cable once dry.

If the cable is loose, it could melt the battery post and require replacing it.

Maintaining your golf cart batteries helps ensure battery longevity. It also helps protect the cart’s lifespan, as damage to the battery can damage the inside.

No Maintenance Batteries

lithium golf cart batteries

Instead of worrying about battery maintenance, you could choose a Trojan Battery Samsung SDI lithium battery with the best warranty.

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Final Thoughts

Trojan golf cart battery.

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