Golf carts have come a long way from being just a mode of transportation on the golf course. With advancements in technology, these small vehicles have become much more customizable and fun to ride around in.

One popular customization option is stereo systems for golf carts. Not only does it add entertainment value while cruising around, but it can also enhance the overall experience of using a golf cart.

In this article, we will explore the different options available for a golf cart stereo system and how it can elevate your driving experience. So buckle up (or should I say plug-in) and let’s get started!


What is a Golf Cart Stereo System?

A golf cart stereo system is a compact audio setup designed specifically for use in golf carts. It typically includes golf cart speakers, an amplifier, and a receiver that allows you to listen to music or any other form of audio entertainment while on the golf course. 

The golf cart’s battery powers these systems and can be easily installed without any professional assistance.

What is the Idea Behind the Golf Cart Stereo System?

The golf cart stereo idea is to enhance your overall experience on the course. Many people enjoy listening to music while playing golf and having a dedicated stereo system on their cart makes it convenient and enjoyable. 

Additionally, some courses may have long stretches between holes, and having some background music can help make those rides more entertaining.

How Many Options are Available for Golf Cart Stereos?

There are several types of golf cart stereo systems available in the market. Some come with built-in golf cart speakers, while others have detachable ones that can be mounted on the cart or carried separately.

You can also choose between wired and wireless systems, depending on your personal preference.

Some popular choices include the Pyle PLUTV41BK, the BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40, and the NOAM NUTV4.

These stereo systems offer different features such as Bluetooth connectivity, weatherproof designs, and easy installation, allowing golfers to customize their on-course listening experience to suit their needs.

How to Choose a Stereo System for Your Golf Cart?

One important factor to consider when purchasing a golf cart stereo system is its durability. Golf carts are exposed to various weather conditions, so it’s crucial to invest in a weather-resistant system that can withstand bumps and shakes while driving on the course.

Another aspect to remember is the stereo system’s power source. Most systems run on the golf cart’s battery, but some may require an external power source. It’s essential to know this before purchasing as you may need to modify your cart’s electrical setup.

You can also consider the type of music you want to listen to and the environment in which you will use it. If you prefer listening to your playlists, look for a stereo with Bluetooth connectivity or USB ports for easy music streaming or playing directly from your device.

Outdoor enthusiasts should also opt for weatherproof designs that can withstand the elements and ensure durability on the course.

Additionally, make sure to choose a system that is compatible with your golf cart model, and budget and has an easy installation process so you can start enjoying your new audio setup right away.

How to Install a Stereo System on a Golf Cart?

To install a stereo system on a golf cart, follow these steps.

  • Determine the location for the stereo system
  • Gather necessary tools: screwdriver, wiring harness, mounting kit
  • Disconnect the battery to prevent electrical issues
  • Remove the existing stereo unit if applicable
  • Connect the wiring harness to the stereo and the golf cart
  • Secure the stereo in place using the mounting kit
  • Reconnect the battery and test the stereo.
  • Adjust settings and enjoy your new audio system. 

5 Best Golf Cart Stereo Systems

When looking for the best golf cart stereo systems, here are five top picks to consider.

Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

This weather-resistant stereo system is perfect for golf carts. It features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily stream music from your devices while on the go. The Pyle Marine system offers great sound quality and is easy to install.

Boss Audio Systems MR1308UABK Marine Stereo

Known for its durability and performance, this stereo system is a popular choice for golf cart enthusiasts. It comes with a variety of input options, including Bluetooth, USB, and AUX, and is designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

Kenwood KMR-D772BT Marine Stereo Receiver

Kenwood is a trusted brand in the audio industry, and its marine stereo receiver is no exception. With features like built-in Bluetooth, USB input, and a bright display, this system delivers clear and powerful sound for your golf cart rides.

4. JBL PRV-175 Marine Digital Media Receiver

JBL is renowned for its audio quality, and the PRV-175 is no different. This digital media receiver is compact yet powerful, offering features like Bluetooth, USB, and AM/FM radio. It’s a great choice for those looking for premium sound in their golf cart.

Fusion MS-RA70 Marine Entertainment System

Fusion’s MS-RA70 is a versatile stereo system that combines functionality with style. It is equipped with Bluetooth streaming, USB input, and a sleek design that will complement any golf cart. With Fusion’s reputation for quality, this system is a top contender for the best golf cart stereo.

What is the Cost of Golf Cart Stereos?

The cost of golf cart stereos can vary depending on the brand, features, and quality. Basic models can start from around $100, while more advanced systems with additional functionalities such as Bluetooth connectivity or waterproofing can range from $200 to $500 or more.

It’s important to consider your budget and desired features when choosing a golf cart stereo system.


The right audio system can significantly enhance your overall driving experience, whether you’re cruising the golf course, exploring outdoor events, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride. 

Understanding the various features, including Bluetooth connectivity, sound quality, and weather resistance, allows you to tailor the stereo setup to your specific preferences and needs.

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Stereo Options for Your Golf Cart