When it comes to buying a golf cart, the first – and perhaps most important – decision that you must make is deciding between an electric-powered and a gas golf cart.

Deciding between these two types of golf carts can be a challenging decision.

Each option has its pros and cons, and you may worry about regretting your decision once you have made the purchase.

However, with careful consideration of your needs, you will find that making a choice is not as difficult as you thought.

Some questions that you must consider before you make this decision include:


How far do you want to travel?

If you only plan on using your cart on a short course, you probably won’t be driving a great distance with your cart.

On the other hand, if your home course is extensive, or you plan to use your cart for off-road activities, you will need your cart to have a more comprehensive range.

What do you plan on using your cart for?

Today, golf carts are used to travel across a course and maintenance work and travel around large campuses.

If your cart is used for heavy lifting and transportation, it should be able to handle the engine’s demands.

Are you looking to customize your cart?

Some customizations may affect the range of your golf cart, so it might be preferable to start with a cart that has a greater range.

This way, a reduced range will not affect your enjoyment of using the cart.

Many people jump to buying an electric golf cart before considering these questions.

Electric carts are undoubtedly quieter and less polluting. You don’t have to worry about smelly fumes, and parts need to be replaced less frequently.

Furthermore, with an electric cart, the cost of running the cart is lower – after all, electricity is cheaper than gas.

However, gas golf carts have several benefits that are preferable to electric carts. These benefits include:


An electric cart can only travel about 15-25 miles on a full charge of the battery. Of course, this varies depending on the type of battery.

However, it provides you with an idea of the range of an electric car.

On the other hand, a gas golf cart can travel between 100-180 miles on a full tank, depending on the size of the tank.

And with E-Z-GO gas carts that are equipped with advanced technology, the experience is even more fantastic.

Heavy Usage

If you’re someone who uses their golf cart for lawn maintenance or to help you transport heavy loads around long distances, a gas golf cart is a way to go.

This is because gas carts usually have more power – their motors average between 10-14 HP, while the engines of electric carts average 4-6 HP, less than half that of gas carts.


One of the biggest thrills of a golf cart is the number of customization opportunities it presents to you.

Unfortunately, however, many customizations can reduce the range of the cart.

If you’re planning on customizing your cart, first check if it will affect the range. You may want to opt for a gas golf cart if it does.

This is because an electric cart offers a lower range, to begin with, and a further reduced range may result in the cart being seriously ineffective at meeting your needs.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a cart, talk to us first regarding your needs.

Then, we will ensure that you pick the right option instead of allowing you to unknowingly pick a cart that may be an investment that does not fit your requirements.

Contact Carts & Parts at (937) 459-8891 today if you’re planning to buy a gas golf cart.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and help you find the perfect cart that fits all your requirements!