Getting the most out of your E-Z-GO golf cart parts is one of the most important parts of ensuring that you get the most out of your vehicle is to make sure that it is properly maintained.

This means that you should be aware of the state of your cart, and in the case of damage to a part, be prepared to replace it if possible.

However, replacing E-Z-GO golf cart parts can be expensive. One way to avoid this as much as possible is to understand what parts most likely require replacement.

This will enable you to pay special attention to these parts of your cart so that you can perform repairs immediately and stave off the need for replacement as much as possible.

Some of the E-Z-GO golf cart parts that most commonly require replacement include:


Golf Cart Keys

Your golf cart keys are not, strictly speaking, a golf cart part, and nor can they be “broken.” They can, however, be lost – and this is a common concern for many golf cart owners.

When golf cart keys are lost, replacements will need to be purchased. Furthermore, many people like having spares in their home for guests, or their primary pair of keys cannot be found. While golf cart keys are not as expensive as other parts, the expense can accumulate if you’re forgetful.

Many people mistake getting cheap copies of their keys made from a local hardware store. This allows them to save money on the face of it – however, unlicensed copies run the risk of getting stuck in the ignition. If this happens, you will be forced to replace your keys again – and if the ignition is damaged, you have to pay for repairs as well. To avoid this, it is essential that you only buy factory replacements for your cart.

Golf Cart Shocks

Golf carts are often used to travel over bumpy and rough terrain. This can be an uncomfortable journey. Thus, to ensure that your ride is as smooth as possible, golf carts make use of shock absorbers and leaf springs.

These E-Z-GO golf cart parts tend to get a lot of use as you make use of your cart. Unfortunately, due to usage and age, they tend to fade and fail over time. If this happens, you will likely find yourself experiencing bumpier and more uncomfortable rides in your cart. Other effects include experiencing sagging from the cart and excessive noise when the cart is being driven.

Golf Cart Clutches

Like cars, golf carts use clutches to ensure smoother acceleration and braking. Most golf carts use two different clutches that are connected, the drive clutch and the driven clutch.

The two clutches work together to ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration. If there is an issue with one (or both), you will find that the initial acceleration is jerky, the cart has varying speeds and alternates between fast and slow, and there is lesser power when your cart is climbing an incline like a hill.

Golf Cart Batteries

The batteries are perhaps the most common E-Z-GO golf cart parts owners need to replace. This is because if you use the same cart for several years, you will undoubtedly have to replace your batteries at one point or another.

Golf cart batteries can last between 5 and 10 years, depending on how well they are maintained. However, improperly maintained batteries have a much shorter lifespan and replacing batteries can be expensive. This is why sellers recommend that constant maintenance be carried out on your batteries so that you can get as much out of them as possible.

Final Thoughts

While proper maintenance can delay the need to replace parts in your golf cart, you will find that natural wear and tear over time will eventually make it a necessity.

If you’re wondering how to find replacements for the E-Z-GO golf cart parts in your cart, or are looking to get your cart serviced, contact Carts & Parts at (937) 459-8891 today. We’re happy to help you in any way possible! Be sure to ask about our financing options too.


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