Replacing your 12-volt golf cart batteries is not only time-consuming but can also be costly.

Also, having to change them continually can be very frustrating.

However, to ensure you get the most out of your 12-volt batteries, here are some steps to extend their life cycle.


Step #1: Charging

Overcharging can lead to you damaging your 12-volt batteries.

Make sure to use an automatic charger that will turn off when your battery is fully charged.

If your model does not come equipped with this feature, make sure you remember to turn off your charger.

Charging your batteries daily when using your golf cart would be best.

Many people make a mistake because they drive the cart until the battery dies, significantly reducing its life span.

Instead, charge your batteries at the start of each trip.

Step #2: Maintenance

Clean your 12-volt batteries and check the water levels monthly.

Remember to remove corrosion from the terminals frequently not to create damage.

Another thing to remember is to store your cart in ‘Tow’ if you are not planning to use your cart for two or more weeks, as this will prevent the cart from continuously drawing power from the batteries.

Step #3: Operation

Switch off the lights, radio, and other accessories when not using your cart.

They can damage your 12-volt batteries by continually drawing power from them if left on.

Ensure you are not exceeding the cart’s recommended weight capacity.

Consider using a truck or trailer to move a cart over a long distance instead of driving it, if possible.

Final Thoughts

If you take care of your 12-volt batteries properly, they should last an average of five years.

Correctly maintained batteries will allow you to travel further per charge.

However, as soon as your batteries stop working, replace them as quickly as possible.

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