When buying a golf cart, you should know the details of your new purchase inside and out, including the dimensions.

Knowing your golf car dimensions can be helpful in many situations, such as buying seat covers and servicing your cart.


Golf Cart Dimensions Basics

golf cart basic dimensions

Golf carts generally have a narrower front and a more comprehensive back.

The front wheels have a distance of about 33.5 inches, and the cart’s back wheels are further apart, about 38 inches in length.

In general, carts offer approximately 48 inches of seat space.

However, keep in mind these dimensions are only an average, which can increase as high as 58 inches.

What Are the Average Golf Cart Dimensions?

How To Choose The Right 4 seat Golf Cart

Dimensions differ on golf carts depending on whether the cart in question is a two-seater or a four-seat golf cart.

However, two-seater carts are the more common option.

On average, a golf cart that can seat two people has the following dimensions.

  • Golf Cart Width – 4 feet, or 48 inches
  • Golf Cart Height – 6 feet, or 72 inches
  • Golf Cart Length – 8 feet, or 96 inches

As mentioned, however, this is merely the industry average.

You can find smaller or bigger carts, depending on your personal preferences.

For example, some models, such as the Club Car Precedent, are shorter at around 91 inches.

Golf Cart Length Width Height
Club Car Precedent Dimensions 91″ 48″ 69″
6 Inch Lifted Precedent 91″ 51″ 77″
Yamaha Drive Golf Car 91″ 44″ 70″
6” Lifted Yamaha Drive Golf Car 91″ 51″ 76″
EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car 93″ 51″ 67.5″
6″ Lifted EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car 93″ 51″ 76″
Club Car XRT 950 4×4 or 4×2 103″ 54″ 76″
Club Car Precedent w/Back Seat 104” 48” 69″
6 Inch Lifted Precedent w/Back Seat 108″ 51″ 77″
Yamaha Drive Golf Car w/Back Seat 108″ 44″ 70″
6” Lifted Yamaha Drive w/ Back Seat 108″ 51″ 76″
EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car with Back Seat 108″ 51″ 67.5″
6″ Lifted EZ-GO RXV Golf Car w/ Back Seat 108″ 51″ 76″
Club Car Precedent 6 Passenger Limo 142″ 48″ 77″
Club Car XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo 144″ 51″ 77″

What Impacts the Dimensions of a Golf Cart?

Tip 3 Buy The Right Size Golf Cart

The dimensions of your golf cart will differ based on various factors. These include the type of engine in the cart, the weight of the cart, the overall carrying capacity that the cart offers, and other considerations.

This variance is why it is always important to check the dimensions of your golf cart before making a purchase. While you may believe you know the numbers, it is always good to make sure.

Why is it Important to Know Your Golf Cart Dimensions?

blue Yamaha golf car

Several reasons know the measurements of your cart is essential.

First, depending on your needs, you may find that an unusually sized cart will better meet your requirements.

Keeping an eye out for the measurements of the golf carts you are interested in will help you make the right purchase.

Furthermore, some people may prefer a broader or narrower cart depending on how they plan to use it.

For example, if you are an avid golfer, you may want the extra space that often comes with a broader cart to store your golf equipment.

Knowing the dimensions of your cart will also help
you figure out whether or not it will fit into
the garage you are using to store your cart.

If you fall in love with an exceptionally tall golf cart, for example, you should know the height before purchasing it to determine whether or not it will fit in your garage at home.

Finally, most golf cart parking dimensions are measured based on average cart measurements.

Therefore, if you plan on parking your cart at your local golf club, you may find that a more customarily sized cart is appropriate for your needs.

How Wide is a Golf Cart?

How Wide is a Golf Cart

Knowing golf cart width is essential for several reasons. For one, many people use golf carts as a means of transportation, and being aware of the width helps with parking and maneuvering around tight spaces.

Additionally, those who transport their golf cart via a truck bed or trailer need to know their golf cart width to ensure a safe and secure fit.

Golf carts are typically around 48 inches wide,
just enough to fit through a standard door.

However, in some cases, they can be as wide as 55 inches or more, depending on the make and model. For example, the Club Car XRT 950 4×4 or 4×2 is 54 inches wide, while the EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car is 51 inches.

As you can see, there is quite a range in widths, so it’s essential to be aware of the dimensions of your golf cart’s specific make and model.

Why Is Your Golf Cart Height Important?

Why is your Golf Cart Height Important

The height of a golf cart is essential because it can determine how wide the cart is. If the golf cart is too high, it may not fit in a standard garage.

The height of a golf cart also determines how well it will travel over different terrains.

A golf cart that is too high will have difficulty traveling hills. A golf cart that is too low will have difficulty traveling through deep sand or water.

Have you ever wondered how tall an E-Z-Go
golf cart is, or how tall a Yamaha golf cart is?

It’s also important to consider the height of a golf cart when loading and unloading passengers.

A golf cart that is too high will be difficult to get in and out of. A golf cart that is too low may not be safe to drive.

The height of a golf cart is an important consideration when choosing the right golf cart for your needs.

Be sure to take the time to measure the height of your golf cart before making a purchase, especially if it’s equipped with a lift kit.

Why is your Golf Cart Length Important?

The Benefits of Owning a 4 seat Golf Cart

The length of a golf car is crucial because it determines how much space you have to work with when loading and unloading gear.

It also affects how much weight the cart can safely carry and what you need to transport.

The average length of a golf cart is 91,” but they can range from 91″ to 144.”

Club Car Precedent golf carts are typically 104″ with a back seat, while EZ-GO golf carts are usually 108″ long.

More extended limo carts like the Club Car Precedent can hold more weight but can be more challenging to maneuver in tight spaces.

If you have a lot of equipment to transport or plan to drive on rough terrain, you may want to choose a golf cart with a longer length.

What Are Golf Cart Trailer Dimensions?

When choosing a trailer, it’s essential to consider the length and width of your golf cart.

Ensure the trailer is long enough to accommodate your cart and that the width is appropriate for your vehicle.

Choosing the wrong trailer dimensions can lead to problems down the road.

The average golf cart works best inside a 5X10 utility trailer.

How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh?

How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh

Knowing how much your golf car weighs is vital for a few reasons.

For one, if you are unfamiliar with the weight of your golf cart, you may not know how to maneuver it properly when on the road.

The weight of a cart is also essential when considering towing capacity and cargo, such as golf bags and other accessories.

If you are considering towing your golf cart behind your RV, you must ensure that your vehicle can handle the weight.

Golf carts typically weigh between 600 and 900 pounds.

For example, an E-Z-GO standard, electric, 2-passenger golf car is 924 lbs. However, the average weight of a standard 2-passenger E-Z-GO gas golf car is 740 lbs.

And, of course, the larger the golf cart, the heavier it will be. And an electric golf cart tend to weigh less than a gas golf cart.

A Club Car Villager 8, for example, weighs 1,280 lbs. Yamaha Drive golf carts come in various sizes and weights, but the average length and weight are around 950 lbs.

Knowing how much golf carts weigh is essential to ensure you operate them safely and within their capabilities.

Final Thoughts About Golf Cart Dimensions

Final Thoughts About Golf Cart Dimensions

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