Golf carts have become an essential part of the golfing experience, providing convenience and ease for players. These small vehicles are designed to carry golfers and their equipment around the greens, making it easier to navigate long distances without exhaustion. 

But did you know that different golf cart types are available in the market? However, various golf carts are available today, each with unique features and purposes. Let’s explore golf carts’ multiple types, features, and uses.


What is a Golf Cart and What Type of Vehicle is the Golf Cart?

What is a Golf Cart and What Type of Vehicle is the Golf Cart

A golf cart is a small utility vehicle that carries golfers and their equipment around the course. These carts typically have 2-4 seats; some models have room for six passengers. They are battery-powered and can reach up to 25 miles per hour, depending on the model.

A golf cart is also called a golf buggy, golf car, or cart. It is an essential vehicle for navigating the large and sprawling courses that make up the game of golf.

How Many Types of Golf Carts are There?

How Many Types of Golf Carts Are There

Gas-Powered Golf Carts 

Gasoline engine-powered golf carts are typically more extensive and more powerful than electric carts.  They can reach higher speeds and have a more extended range, making them suitable for more extensive courses or heavy-duty tasks like hauling equipment.  However, they require regular golf cart maintenance and emit fumes that may harm the environment.

Feature of Gas-Powered Golf Cart

  • Powerful engine
  • Longer range
  • Higher speeds
  • Can haul heavy loads

Electric-Powered Golf Carts

These carts run on rechargeable batteries and are more environmentally friendly than gas-powered ones. They are also quieter, ideal for residential or low-noise environments like golf courses. However, they have a limited range and may need to be more suitable for hilly terrain. 

Various types of electric golf carts are available in the market, each with unique features and benefits. Some models come equipped with advanced technology like GPS systems, Bluetooth speakers, and automatic braking systems. 

People ask this ubiquitous question: “How far will the electric golf cart go?” This depends on factors such as battery capacity, terrain, and speed. On average, most electric golf carts can cover about 20-25 miles on a single charge.

Feature of Electric-Powered Golf Cart

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective

Hybrid Golf Carts

As the name suggests, hybrid golf carts combine electric and gas-powered technology. They offer the best of both worlds, a quiet ride with minimal emissions and power and range when needed. However, they tend to be more expensive than other types of golf carts.

Feature of Hybrid Golf Cart

  • Quieter Ride
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Better Control Over Speed and Range
  • Regenerative Braking

Solar-Powered Golf Carts

These carts use solar panels to power their batteries. They are the most environmentally friendly option, with zero emissions and no need for charging stations.

However, they also have a limited range and may need to be more suitable for heavy-duty tasks.   They also require a significant initial investment, as solar panels can be expensive. But in the long run, they can save money on fuel costs and have a lower environmental impact.

Feature Of Solar-Powered Golf Cart

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable energy source
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Low maintenance

Push Carts 

Push carts, or pull carts, are manually operated and do not require any power source. They are cheaper than motorized carts and can be easily transported in a car trunk. 

However, they need physical effort from the golfer to push or pull them around the course. This may not be suitable for elderly players or those with physical limitations.

Feature of Push Carts 

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Foldable design
  • Adjustable handles
  • Storage space
  • Affordable price point

Personal Transportation Golf Carts

Personal transportation golf carts, or single-rider or solo-rider carts, are becoming increasingly popular on golf courses. These carts are designed for one person and have a small footprint, making them suitable for navigating tight spaces on the course. They are also electric-powered, making them environmentally friendly and quiet during use.

These personal transportation golf carts can come with various features such as GPS navigation, beverage holders, and even weather protection covers. 

Feature of Personal Transportation Golf Carts

  • Compact size
  • Advanced technology

Remote-Controlled (Rc) Golf Carts

RC golf carts are a newer addition to the market and offer a unique experience for players. These carts can be operated remotely using a handheld controller and follow the player around the course as they walk.

This eliminates the need to constantly go back and forth between the cart and the ball, saving players time and energy.

RC golf carts are also equipped with advanced features such as automatic follow mode, which allows the cart to track the player’s movements automatically, and downhill speed control, which helps prevent the cart from gaining too much speed on steep inclines.

These high-tech carts are perfect for players who prefer to walk rather than ride in a traditional golf cart. They provide a convenient option for carrying clubs while giving players more freedom on the course.

Feature of Remote-Controlled (Rc) Golf Carts

  • Remote control system
  • Customizable experience
  • Easy to use 

Utility Golf Carts

Utility golf carts, on the other hand, are designed with practicality in mind. They are typically used for maintenance and landscaping on golf courses but can also be used for transporting equipment and supplies.

These carts come in various shapes and sizes, from small utility vehicles to larger trucks equipped with flatbeds or dump beds. They are essential for keeping the course pristine and allowing staff to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Feature of Utility Golf Carts

  • Durability and strength
  • Versatility
  • Potent Engines

Luxury Golf Carts

For those who want to elevate their golfing experience, luxury golf carts are the way to go. These high-end carts offer a more comfortable and stylish ride on the course.

Some luxury carts come equipped with leather seats, built-in coolers, and even sound systems for players to enjoy while they play. They also often have advanced features such as GPS navigation and interactive screens.

Feature of Luxury Golf Carts

  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Built-in coolers for drinks on the course
  • Sound systems for music while playing
  • GPS navigation to help players navigate the course
  • Interactive screens to keep players informed and entertained

Street-Legal Golf Carts

Street-legal golf carts, also known as LSVs (Low-Speed Vehicles), are famous for those who want to use their carts off the course. These vehicles are designed to be driven on public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less.

They can often be seen in retirement communities and beach towns, providing residents with a convenient mode of transportation. Street-legal carts come equipped with golf cart accessories like headlights, turn signals, and seat belts for safety on the road.

Features of Street-Legal Golf Carts

  • Extended-range batteries for longer drives
  • Upgraded suspension for a smoother ride on uneven surfaces
  • Durable tires for off-road use
  • Added storage compartments for shopping or beach gear
  • Customizable options such as color, seats, and accessories

How Do You Know What the Best Golf Cart Type is for You? 

How Do You Know What the Best Golf Cart Type is for You

There are a few key factors to consider when considering whether to go with any golf cart. The first is your specific needs and usage of the golf cart. If you primarily use it for long distances or need it for heavy-duty tasks such as towing, a gas cart may be the better option. 

On the other hand, if you mainly use the golf cart for short trips on flat terrain, an electric cart may be your best choice. Another factor to consider is cost. Gas carts typically have a higher upfront cost compared to electric carts. 

Maintenance is also an important consideration. Electric carts have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance than gas carts. Safety is another factor that should be considered when choosing between a gas or electric golf cart. Lastly, it’s essential to consider how easily accessible charging stations for golf carts are in your area if you opt for an electric cart. 


When exploring the world of golf carts, it’s essential to understand the variety available in the market. What’s more, customization services allow individuals to tailor their carts to their specific preferences and needs.

Reliable repair and maintenance services, catering to electric and gas carts, further enhance the value of these vehicles. For all your golf cart needs, turn to Carts & Parts. Contact us at (937)459-8891 to discover our diverse inventory, flexible financing options, and exceptional services.