Are you a member of the golfing community looking for the best-performing batteries to experience unrivaled performance? Then look no further than Trojan Batteries for your golf cart.

With a range of features offering some of the latest golf cart battery technology, it’s no wonder why so many have made the switch.

This blog post looks at what makes Trojan Batteries a superb choice, the benefits of high-quality golf cart batteries, and how to choose the right one for your needs.


What Makes Trojan Batteries a Great Choice?

What Makes Trojan Batteries a Great Choice

Trojan is one of the most trusted brands regarding quality and reliable battery power. Their deep cycle AGM technology ensures that users can expect longevity throughout their use, even in the harshest conditions.

All Trojan batteries have a limited warranty that states:

“Trojan Battery Company (“Manufacturer”) warrants each Trojan® – branded battery sold by Trojan or any of its authorized distributors or dealers in the United States and Canada (“Battery”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months, (except 18 months on T-105, T-105 Plus, T875, T-1275, T-1275 Plus and Ranger™ 160) after the date of purchase, as evidenced by the original receipt (the “Warranty Period”).”

Here Are Ten Reasons to Choose Trojan

1. Long-Life Cycle

Trojan specifically designs golf cart batteries for extended life cycles compared to lead-acid batteries. Their unique design helps them last up to three times longer than traditional models, offering a dependable power source during extended trips and long-term storage.

They achieve a longer life cycle by incorporating advanced technologies such as AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries, which offer superior durability and protection against damage because of vibrations and extreme temperatures.

2. High-Performance

Trojan golf cart batteries advanced technology holds a more consistent charge than traditional lead acid models, providing reliable power for all your trips.

Their low internal resistance allows for faster charging and higher discharge rates, so you can get the most out of your battery between charges, allowing you to go further and do more with your golf cart.

3. Easy Maintenance

Unlike other types of batteries, Trojan golf cart batteries require little in the way of maintenance. This is because their construction limits the buildup of deposits on internal components, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning or other forms of upkeep. This makes keeping your battery in peak condition easier without spending time and money on maintenance.

4. Versatility

Trojan golf cart batteries are versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs. So whether you’re looking for deep-cycle power or fast-charge capabilities, Trojan has a solution that will suit your needs. And their extensive selection means that you can easily find the correct battery for your golf cart, no matter your vehicle type.

5. Cost-Effective Solutions

Trojan golf cart batteries can provide one of the most cost-effective solutions available. Their long life cycles and low maintenance requirements can help save money. Plus, their competitive prices make them even more affordable than other brands.

6. Safe and Reliable

Safety is a top priority for Trojan golf cart batteries, which is why they are rigorously tested before leaving the factory. This ensures that every battery meets its high standards for safety and reliability so you can use it with peace of mind, knowing that your power source is secure.

7. Eco-Friendly Design

Trojan golf cart batteries are as eco-friendly as possible. Many of their models use AGM technology, which helps reduce the environmental impact of your battery by eliminating the need for acid spills or other hazardous materials.

Their long life cycle and low maintenance requirements help reduce waste associated with traditional lead acid models.

8. Quality Assurance

When you choose the best golf cart batteries, you know you’re getting a product built to last. Their rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols ensure that every battery is up to snuff before it leaves the factory floor. This means you can trust your power source will be reliable for years.

9. Durable Construction

They build Trojan golf cart batteries to last, with robust casing and other components that endure wear and tear from vibration, heat, and cold. A tough polyurethane outer case protects your battery from damage, while thick plates and grid construction deliver maximum power output in all kinds of weather.

10. Low Self-Discharge

One of the significant benefits of Trojan golf cart batteries is their low self-discharge rate. Unlike other types, which can lose as much as 15% of their charge every month when not in use, Trojan models maintain up to 90% of their capacity after a year of storage.

Maintaining a low self-charge means trusting them to be ready for your next trip, even if it’s been a while since you last used them.

Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries are the most popular and reliable today. The engineers of the T-105 designed it to provide powerful, efficient performance with long service life and low maintenance needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful battery for your golf cart, consider the Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries. These deep-cycle flooded lead-acid batteries can deliver up to 225 amp-hours of capacity at a 20-hour rate.

The Trojan t105 battery life expectancy spans up to 1200 cycles and can withstand repeated discharges without losing performance.

It also designed them to operate in various climates and terrains, making them ideal for golf carts and other electric vehicles.

The Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries have a distinctive maroon case that sets them apart from other batteries. The length of the battery is 10.3 inches, its width is 7.1 inches, and it stands 11.07 inches tall.

They weigh about 62 pounds each and have various terminal types for different applications. They sell them in six or eight-packs, depending on whether you need a 36-volt or a 48-volt system for your golf cart.

If you want to compare the Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries with other models or brands, you can use some keywords to perform online searches. For example, you can use “Trojan lithium batteries prices” to determine how much it would cost to switch to lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid ones.

You can also use the “Trojan T-1275 equivalent” to see what other batteries have similar specifications as the Trojan T-1275 model, which is another popular choice for golf carts.

The Benefits of High-Quality Golf Cart Batteries

The Benefits of High Quality Golf Cart Batteries

2016 EZGO RXV 48V with 2020 Trojan Batteries.

When choosing a battery for your golf cart or electric vehicle, it is important to consider features like run time, durability, and maintenance requirements.

A deep-cycle battery is ideal for powering electric vehicles because it discharges up to 80% over multiple cycles and maintains its optimal capabilities.

This type of battery uses lead-acid cells, which provide an increased safety factor compared with other golf cart batteries on the market today.

High-quality golf cart batteries boast high charge acceptance rates and lower self-discharge rates—meaning more juice per charge and fewer charging cycles needed over its lifespan.

The Latest Technology in Electric Golf Cart Batteries

As technology advances, so do our options for powering golf carts or electric vehicles with high-quality batteries.

The latest developments include advanced AGM technology and sealed deep cycle batteries that make maintenance much easier—keep them properly charged and follow guidelines for maintaining electrolyte levels topped up if needed.

These products also feature date codes that allow users to determine how old their battery is before purchase—ensuring you don’t buy something past its useful life expectancy.

How to Choose the Right Golf Cart Battery

How to Choose the Right Golf Cart Battery

Custom-built Metallic Charcoal EZGO RXV 48V with new Trojan T1275 batteries, street legal, custom seats, and a 5” lift.

Ensure you know what type fits your specific model, such as 6, 12, or 36V Trojan golf cart batteries.

Subsequently, review all specifications regarding volt battery capacity, which should be printed on your current battery, and warranty information guaranteeing results meeting industry standards.

Last, check product reviews from trusted sources and price comparisons between providers to ensure you get the best deal possible within your budget constraints to maximize the best golf cart batteries.

Batteries For Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car recommends using only genuine replacement parts. But when it comes time to replace your current golf cart battery, several brand options are available, including deep-cycle models.

As with any other purchase, be sure to read reviews before buying and compare specs side by side so that you get what’s best suited for your individual needs based on cost efficiency and quality standards desired by manufacturers who prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.

How do you tell how old a golf cart battery is?

Knowing the exact age of a golf cart battery can help you determine when it’s time to replace it. To find out the age of your golf cart battery, you can look for a date code printed on the terminals or posts.

The code usually has two letters followed by two numbers, typically either stamped, printed, or molded into the top of the plastic post. The letter represents the month, while the number shows the year.

How do you know when golf cart batteries are dying?

Knowing when a golf cart battery is dying can be tricky, but there are a few telltale signs.

If your electric golf cart or golf car runs slower than usual, that could show a low battery pack. This could indicate the battery age and a need for replacement.

You should also check the terminals and posts of the battery for corrosion or dirt buildup, which can lead to a poor connection resulting in fewer miles per charge.

If you have a deep cycle golf cart battery, ensure it is properly routed and that all connections are secure and tight.

Finally, if you’re purchasing a new battery, avoid buying one from an unknown store, as they may not carry batteries of the proper voltage or capacity for your particular golf cart.

By keeping an eye out for these indicators, you’ll know when it’s time to head to your local supplier in search of a new battery.

How much does it cost to replace batteries in a golf cart?

Replacing the batteries in an electric golf cart can be a costly endeavor. The costs vary depending on factors such as the golf cart battery type, the battery pack’s age, and the number of battery terminals.

Deep-cycle batteries usually last longer than regular ones, but they can be more expensive to replace.

Proper care and maintenance are essential for the long-term life of your batteries. You should keep battery posts clean and voltage checked regularly.

On average, replacing the batteries in a golf cart can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000+.

Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?

No, always leaving your golf cart plugged in is not recommended. Leaving your golf cart plugged in can reduce battery life.

To prolong your electric golf cart batteries, make sure that you store them properly and maintain them regularly.

When storing or charging your batteries, check for loose battery terminals and corroded battery posts, and clean them with a wire brush if necessary. Also, top up the distilled water level in wet cell deep-cycle batteries.

What is a Trojan GC2 battery?

A Trojan GC2 battery is a deep-cycle lead-acid battery designed for use in golf carts and electric vehicles.

It’s known for its durability, reliability, and deep-cycle capabilities, making it suitable for providing steady power over extended periods.

Trojan offers a range of GC2 battery models with different specifications to meet various performance needs.

These batteries are widely used in the golf cart industry and require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Get the Most Reliable Performance with Trojan Batteries for Golf Carts from Carts & Parts

Get the Most Reliable Performance with Trojan Batteries for Golf Carts from Carts Parts

No matter what golf cart type you have, Club Car or otherwise, Carts & Parts has the right Trojan battery for your needs. With our competitive prices and deep cycle batteries, you can experience unrivaled performance that lasts for a long time.

And with Trojan’s warranty, you can expect the highest quality and reliability every time you start your golf cart.

So, get the most from your golf cart, whether on the course or off, with Trojan batteries from Carts & Parts.

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