Have you ever thought about how much a golf cart weighs?

Many factors, including the model, golf cart type, brand, accessories, seating capacity, and the golf cart batteries, influence the weight of the golf cart.

This guide will help you choose the best golf cart based on brand model and passenger seat options.


Golf Cart Weight And Dimensions

Golf cart weight and dimensions

Golf cart dimensions and weight are two interconnected things.

You need to know both things to make sure you made the best decision for the golf cart choice. The golf cart dimension depends on the club car’s seating capacity.

The number of seats increases the length of the golf cart with no significant change in its width and height, but it adds to the weight of the golf cart.

The only thing that influences the width is the golf cart lift kit.

Importance of Knowing the Golf Cart Weight

Before jumping into the golf cart weight, we should first understand why, in the first place, it is essential to consider how much a golf cart weighs or its dimensions.

Following are the reasons you should know the the weight of the golf cart:

  • The weight of your golf cart plays a role in determining its performance and capacity limits. Knowing how much a golf cart weighs, you will know what load limit it can bear, keeping optimal performance.
  • The golf cart weight consideration also assists you in adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, which enhance durability and prevent wear and tear.
  • The weight of the golf cart also determines how swiftly the golf cart can move up and down through the slopes and hills.
  • In addition, considering golf cart weight is also necessary for towing.

What Things Add To The Weight Of The Golf Cart?

What things add to the weight of the golf cart

Golf carts typically weigh between 500 and 1100 pounds, with slight variations across different brands.

The total weight of the golf cart is determined by all the fittings and golf cart accessories used in its construction.

The following things make the total golf cart weight:

  • Golf cart battery: Electric and gas golf carts weigh less than the corresponding battery golf carts. Most battery golf carts use 6, 8, and 12-volt batteries, which add 55-80 pounds to the total weight of the club car golf cart.
  • Golf cart seats: there are 2-4 and 6-seater golf carts. The one with more seats is heavier than the other alternatives.
  • Tires or Wheels: Golf cart wheels also add weight depending on their size and manufacturing material.
  • Golf cart accessories: The golf cart stacked with a golf cart club and lift kit is heavier than an empty golf cart.

Dry Weight Vs. Curb Weight of a Golf Cart 

Dry weight vs curb weight of a golf cart

Before considering the average weight per the golf cart models, you must be clear of these terms: dry weight and curb weight.

The basic infrastructure of the golf cart with no golf carts accessories makes it a dry weight.

It is the mass of the golf cart before any component is added to it.

Therefore, the gas golf carts are heavier than the electric ones.

Curb weight is the golf cart’s total aggregated weight, accessories, and consumables (diesel and oil).

Accessories include the wheels, roof racks, lift kit, seats, and batteries.

While the former term might not be relevant, you must know these two terms before purchasing.

How Much Does An Electric Golf Cart Weigh?

How much does an electric golf cart weigh

The average 48V E-Z-GO electric golf cart with 2 passenger seats weighs between 900 and 1100 pounds.

They are less heavy than their battery-aided golf carts. They need periodic charging to stay functional.

Extra large golf carts are the electrical alternatives, and they are the heaviest because they have greater seating capacity and require additional power to work.

These are the flatbed golf cart alternatives, which are heavy-duty options available.

However, adding more passenger seats and other accessories can increase the overall weight.

In addition, the electric golf cart weight may vary with the models or the brands.

How Much Does A Gas-Powered Golf Cart Weigh?

How much does a gas powered golf cart weigh

Like the electric, the gas golf cart varies with the make and model. An average gas golf cart weighs 900-1200 pounds.

They also weigh less than the ones with the battery added because each battery has its weight as per its voltage supply.

How Much Does A Club Car Golf Cart Weigh? 

Club cart golf carts are the heavier alternatives, and they weigh between 619 and 1293 pounds.

Its heaviest type is the Club Car CRU motor vehicle, which weighs 2200 pounds.

Club Car Golf Cart- Weight Chart 


Club Car Model  Weight 
Club Car Onward 2 Seats 975 pounds electric, 717 lbs. lithium, 675 lbs. gas powered
Club Car Onward 4 Sets  1,070 pounds electric and HP, 784 lbs. HP lithium, 795 lbs. gas
Club Car Onward 6 Passenger Seats  1293 Pounds electric, 980 Pounds gas 
Club Car Precedent i2  909 lbs. Electric, 651 lbs. gas 
Club Car Carryall 500 Turf  1,393 lbs. (electric), 675 lbs. (gas)
Club Car DS ~850 electric, 619 gas 

How Much Do Golf Push Carts Weigh?

Top-of-the-line golf push carts usually weigh around 10 to 15 pounds, but now there are innovative designs that weigh even less.

Using lightweight aluminum in premium carts contributes to their agility on the course.

In contrast, more budget-friendly options employ steel, potentially doubling the weight compared to their aluminum counterparts.

This weight discrepancy gains significance when factoring in a fully loaded golf bag, highlighting the nuanced interplay between material choice, weight, and the overall portability of golf push carts.

What Is The Usual 4 Seater Golf Cart Weight?

What is the usual 4 seater golf cart weight

The 4-seater golf cart has a broader frame and body. It weighs an average of 750-1200 lbs.

Further upgrades of golf cart lift kits and larger tires can increase the overall weight further.

How Much Does A 6 Seater Golf Cart Weigh?

How much does a 6 seater golf cart weigh

The average 6-seater golf cart weighs around 980-1429 lbs. The gas and electric variants are lighter than the lithium golf cart batteries.

However, the addition of lift kits can further add to the weight.

Golf Cart Weight By Brand

Golf cart weight by brand

How Much Weight Does A Golf Cart Battery Weigh? 

Model Type  Voltage  Weight 
Trojan T-605  6 Volts 58 lbs
Duracell GC8 8 Volts  63 lbs
Trojan Traveler  8 Volts 70 lbs 
Trojan DC-8V 8 Volts 61 lbs
Interstate U2200 6 Volts 63 lbs
Interstate AGC2N 6 Volts 66 lbs
Trojan L16G-AC 6 Volts 104 lbs

How Much Weight Can A Golf Cart Hold?

A golf cart’s weight, known as the weight limit, varies depending on the make and model.

Gas-powered golf carts have a higher weight capacity than electric ones, ranging from approximately 800 to 1,200 pounds.

Electric golf carts typically have weight limits between 600 and 1,000 pounds.

It’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s specified weight limit to ensure safe operation and prevent damage to the cart’s structure and components.

Golf push carts used to carry clubs typically have weight capacities ranging from 30 to 50 pounds, with variations based on design and materials.

Golf cart owners must be mindful of these limits to maintain functionality and longevity.

Golf Cart Weight Limit for Cargo and Passengers

The golf cart weight limit for cargo and passengers depends on the cart’s design and seating capacity.

For a 2-passenger golf cart, the carrying weight typically ranges from 400 to 550 pounds.

With a 4-passenger cart, the limit extends to around 800 pounds, while a 6-passenger cart can accommodate up to approximately 1500 pounds.

Utility carts designed for 2 passengers can handle loads ranging from 800 to 1200 pounds.

To ensure optimal performance and prevent damage to the cart’s power systems, it’s crucial to stay within these weight limits, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe operation and longevity.


Being a golf cart enthusiast, it is essential to consider the weight of a golf cart before making a purchase.

The golf cart weight makes the same significance while deciding as the other factors like types of wheels, battery, or seating capacity.