Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation for golfers and non-golfers alike. However, when it comes to storage, many people struggle with finding the right golf cart garage size or shed for their golf cart.

Whether you use your golf cart for recreational purposes or as a mode of transportation in your community, having a designated parking and storage space is crucial.

In this article, we will discuss how to determine the appropriate size for your golf cart storage needs and explore some DIY ideas for building your golf cart garage.


How to Determine What Golf Cart Garage Size Can Fit in Your Golf Cart? 

How to Determine What Golf Cart Garage Size Can Fit in Your Golf Cart?

Determining the right size for your golf cart garage will depend on a few factors, including the golf cart dimensions and any additional items you wish to store. Firstly, let’s look at the standard dimensions of a golf cart.

On average, a golf cart is about 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. However, there are variations in size depending on the model and make of the golf cart. Measuring your specific golf cart to get accurate measurements for your garage is crucial.

In addition, the golf cart garage’s need is also dependent on the number of golf carts you want to accommodate in a single shed. Next, consider whether you will need additional space for storage shelves or cabinets for accessories like clubs and maintenance equipment. You should also take into account any future changes or upgrades you may make to your golf cart, such as adding a lift kit or larger tires.

Once you have determined the necessary dimensions for your golf cart, you can begin looking at different options for a storage unit.

Golf Cart Dimensions

  • Single-Golf Cart Garage

A single golf cart garage usually measures 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. This size is suitable for most standard-sized golf carts and allows enough room for maneuvering the cart in and out of the garage. It can hold one golf cart at a time. If you have a larger golf cart or want extra storage space, you can opt for a slightly bigger size of 12 feet wide by 24 feet long.

The standard height for a single golf cart garage is 8 feet, which provides enough clearance for most golf carts. However, if you have a larger or customized golf cart, opt for a taller garage.

  • Double-Golf Cart Garage

A typical double golf cart garage measures 20 feet wide by 20 feet long. This size can comfortably fit two standard-sized golf carts side by side and still leave room for additional storage space.

The height of a double golf cart garage is also typically 8 feet, providing ample clearance for most carts.

  • Multi-Golf Cart Garages

If you have a larger golf cart fleet or need more space for storage, a multi-golf cart garage may be the best solution. These garages can range in size but typically measure around 30 feet wide by 20 feet long.

This size can comfortably fit three to four standard-sized golf carts and still leave room for additional storage. The height of a multi-golf cart garage is also taller than single or double garages, usually measuring around 10-12 feet to accommodate larger carts.

DIY Golf Cart Garage Ideas

DIY Golf Cart Garage Ideas

1. Custom-Built Wooden Shed: If you’re handy with tools and have some building experience, consider constructing a custom wooden shed for your golf cart storage. This allows you to design the space exactly how you want it and ensures that it will fit all of your needs perfectly.

2. Converted Garden Shed: Already have a garden shed in your backyard? Consider converting it into a golf cart garage! With some simple modifications such as adding wider doors and reinforcing the flooring, you can easily transform this existing structure into a secure home for your golf cart.

3. Carport Conversion: Another option is to convert an existing carport or covered patio into a golf cart garage. This is a cost-effective solution that requires minimal construction work. Just make sure to add secure locking mechanisms and enough space for your golf cart to comfortably fit.

4. Outdoor Canopy: If you don’t have a structure or space available to convert, consider investing in an outdoor canopy specifically designed for golf cart storage. These canopies protect from the elements while still allowing for easy access to your golf cart.

5. Portable Garage: For those who need a more temporary solution, a portable garage can be a great option. These structures are typically made with sturdy materials and can provide ample space for your golf cart while also being easily movable if needed.

What Materials are Used to Build Golf Cart Storage Shed? 

Several materials can be used to build a golf cart storage shed, depending on your budget and preferences. 

Wooden golf cart garages are mostly preferred because they are resistant to rot and decay. It also offers more durability. Aluminum or steel golf cart sheds can also be used for areas where there are harsh weather conditions. 

Lastly, vinyl sheds are also a sturdy option to install and require less maintenance. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Golf Cart Garage?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Golf Cart Garage

The cost of building a golf cart garage can vary depending on the materials used, the size of the structure, and labor costs. 

On average, homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for a basic golf cart storage shed. However, more intricate or larger structures can cost upwards of $10,000.

When considering the cost of building a golf cart garage, it’s important to factor in the type of material you plan to use. 

As mentioned above, wood is typically the most affordable option, with cedar and pressure-treated pine being popular choices. Metal and vinyl are usually more expensive but offer longer-lasting durability.

Can You Charge a Golf Cart in a Golf Cart Garage?

Can You Charge A Golf Cart In A Golf Cart Garage?

Yes, you can charge a golf cart in a golf cart garage. Having a designated space to charge your golf cart is one of the main benefits of having a garage for it. This allows you to easily access your cart when needed and keep it charged and ready for use.

When planning the layout of your golf cart garage, be sure to include an electrical outlet specifically for charging purposes. Or else you can also charge a golf cart without a charger in the garage. 

It’s also important to ensure that the outlet is compatible with your golf cart’s charging system. This will typically involve using a standard 110-volt outlet or installing a dedicated circuit for higher-voltage charging systems.

How Do You Store a Golf Cart in the Garage?

How Do You Store a Golf Cart in the Garage?

Storing a golf cart in a garage is similar to storing any other vehicle. The first step is to make sure the garage space is clean and free of any clutter that could potentially damage your golf cart or impede its movement. 

It’s also important to measure the dimensions of your golf cart and compare them to the available space in your garage, ensuring that there will be enough room for both storage and maneuvering.

You may also want to invest in a golf cart cover to protect it from dust, debris, and potential scratches while stored in the garage.

Golf Cart Garage Or Shed Benefits 

Golf Cart Garage Or Shed Benefits 

  • Provides a safe and secure storage space for your golf cart.
  • Protects the cart from harsh weather conditions.
  • Keeps the cart clean and free of dust, debris, and potential scratches.
  • Helps maintain the longevity of the golf cart battery by preventing damage or wear.
  • Allows for easy access to the cart when needed.
  • Keeps golf cart accessories organized and easily accessible with additional storage solutions.
  • Creates more space in your driveway or yard by storing the golf cart away.
  • Can also be used as a workspace for maintenance and repairs on the golf cart.
  • Can double as a storage space for other golfing equipment or tools. 
  • Adds value to your property by having a designated area for the golf cart.


When it comes to parking and storing your golf cart, the size of your garage plays a crucial role. Ensuring that your garage is spacious enough to accommodate your golf cart not only protects your investment but also makes it easily accessible whenever you need it. 

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s recommended to have a minimum width of 8 feet and a minimum depth of 12 feet to allow for maneuvering and additional storage of accessories and equipment. 

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