Are you dreaming of a new set of wheels? We’ve covered everything you need to know about buying or selling your next golf cart.

Golf carts are quickly becoming more popular around the country. In specific places like Indianapolis, people are beginning to realize the fantastic benefits these vehicles can bring to their lives.

You might want to buy a recreational golf cart for personal use (golf courses, retirement communities) or start a business using one of these machines.

No matter your interest in golf carts, we’re here to help you shop all the ins and outs before deciding whether owning one will benefit your lifestyle.

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2022 E-Z-GO Express 76

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2022 E-Z-GO Gas Express S4

The bottom line is that your search is over. So, if you are looking for quality Club Car, Yamaha, or E-Z-GO golf carts for sale in the Indianapolis area, visit us in Union City, IN.

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Wheels Up, Ready to Go

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2022 E-Z-GO Liberty Elite Lithium

It’s time for your fun new toy. Finally, your dream has become a reality with our Club Car, E-Z-GO, or Yamaha golf carts that are simply begging to be driven.

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

You also check out our FAQ page here.

Why Use a Golf Cart?

How to make your golf cart faster with road driving example of two people in white golf cart on busy road.

The most significant reason people use golf carts is convenience. You cannot find a better vehicle with high practicality combined with low environmental impact.

Other reasons to own a golf cart are:

  • Able to fit easily into confined spaces.
  • There are fewer restrictions than scooters and mopeds when driving on sidewalks, bike paths, and protected zones.
  • They are ideal for short trips due to their ease of use and fuel efficiency.

How Much Do Golf Carts Cost?

Golf carts come in a wide range of prices, depending on the type you need. In addition, you can look at our Indianapolis used golf carts page, where we’ve assembled the most popular models under one roof for your convenience.

Some golf cart types are more expensive than others due to factors such as:

  • The power source (gas or electric)
  • Top speed reached (lower speeds = less costly models)
  • Electric charging capabilities (standard/adaptor/quick charge)
  • Accessories added

Are golf carts street-legal in Indianapolis?

A red, white, and black 2022 E-Z-GO RXV 48V golf cart for sale at Carts & Parts in Union City, IN.

2022 E-Z-GO RXV 48V

Yes, golf carts are street-legal in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It is possible to drive them on the street, although you are required by law to have certain safety features.

These safety features include a headlight, taillights, turn signals, horn, brake lights, seat belts for all occupants, and insurance.

The law also requires that the front and rear bumpers extend at least 4 inches from the cart’s body.

Adding these features can increase your costs depending on your budget. However, it’s essential to abide by regulations to avoid fines or insurance problems down the road.

Do golf carts require a driver’s license?

The answer is yes and no.

A driver’s license is required if you operate a golf cart on a public roadway.

A driver’s license is not required on a golf course or other private property.

What are the traffic laws for golf carts?

Within the Indiana legislative laws, Title 9. Motor Vehicles Sec. 3.3. states:

A city, county, or town may adopt by ordinance traffic regulations concerning the use of golf carts, off-road vehicles, or both on a highway under the jurisdiction of the city, county, or town.

So this means it depends on where you drive your golf cart in Indiana, which determines the rules.

Wrapping Up

Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular as a mode of transportation. Golf cart owners who take pride in their carts keep them sparkingly clean and show them off in the neighborhood. They’re convenient, environmentally friendly, and a lot of fun.

We are a certified E-Z-GO dealership offering a wide range of services to keep your cart in top condition. From rentals to regular maintenance to repairs—we take care of everything.

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