Do you feel like you need to take advantage of golf cart accessories?

Ever wonder what upgrades are available to enhance your golf cart experience but need help to know what’s available or worth investing in?

Don’t limit yourself because you need to learn about golf cart accessories.

With this guide, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities to transform your golf cart into a reflection of your personality and style. 


Golf Cart Must-Have Accessories

Golf cart must have accessories

The world of golf cart accessories is vast and diverse, offering many ways to enhance your experience. 

From improving functionality to elevating aesthetics, golf cart accessories offer various options to customize your ride.

Whether you crave better speed, smoother rides, or a sleeker look, the right additions can make all the difference.

Explore these must-have accessories that will transform your time on the course.

Golf Cart Organizer 

Golf cart organizer

Stay organized during your ride with a golf cart organizer. These handy accessories feature multiple pockets and compartments to hold all your essential items.

A golf cart organizer reduces clutter and protects golf gear and accessories.

From beverages to scorecards, rangefinders to tees, keep everything within reach and easily accessible.

Plus, many organizers have a universal fit, making them suitable for all golf cart models.

Golf Cart Lift Kits 

Golf cart lift kits

Take your golf cart literally to the next level with a lift kit.

Not only does it give your cart a more aggressive stance, but it also allows for larger tires and better ground clearance.

They are handy for navigating through rough terrain or hilly roads.

Lift kits come in various heights and styles, so you can choose one that fits your desired look and functionality.

Golf Cart Body Kit 

Golf cart body kit

Consider investing in a body kit to give your golf cart a complete makeover.

Body kits include everything you need to transform the look of your cart, from front and rear body panels to fender flares and side skirts.

They come in different materials, like fiberglass or plastic. And we can paint them in any color.

Golf Club Storage

For avid golfers, having a place to store their clubs and bags on their golf cart is essential.

There are many options for adding storage space to your cart, such as installing a rear seat with a built-in golf bag holder or adding a rack to the roof.

Keeping your golf clubs organized helps you locate them quickly and makes transporting them from one hole to another convenient.

Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries

One of the critical components of a golf cart is its battery.

The type of battery you choose can significantly affect the performance and longevity of your cart.

Golf carts typically use two types of batteries: lead-acid and lithium-ion.

Lead-acid batteries are more affordable but require regular maintenance, while lithium-ion batteries are more expensive but have a longer lifespan and do not need as much upkeep.

Golf Cart Chargers  

Golf cart chargers

Just like a car needs fuel to run, a golf cart needs electricity.

You will need a golf cart charger specifically designed to charge your golf cart’s batteries.

Using the correct charger for your specific type of battery is essential, as using the wrong one can cause damage or even an explosion.

Golf Cart Covers

Golf cart covers

Protecting your golf cart from the elements is crucial to maintaining its appearance and functionality.

A high-quality, weather-resistant cover can shield your cart from rain, sun, and other environmental factors that can cause damage. 

A cover can also deter theft by hiding your cart’s contents.

Golf Cart Brush Guards

Golf cart brush guards

Brush guards are metal or plastic grills attached to the front of your golf cart.

They protect your cart’s headlights and body from impact with other objects.

Brush guards can also add an aesthetic touch to your cart and give it a more rugged look.

Golf Cart Hunting Accessories 

For those who use their golf carts for hunting, various E-Z-GO golf cart accessories are available to make your experience more enjoyable and efficient.

From gun racks and bow holders to camouflage covers and seat cushions, these accessories can turn your cart into the perfect vehicle for navigating the woods.

Portable Speaker Mounts 

Portable speaker mounts

Music is essential to any outdoor activity, and golf cart owners are no exception.

With portable speaker mounts, you can easily attach your speakers to your cart and enjoy your favorite tunes while cruising around the neighborhood.

Golf Cart Dome Light 

Golf cart dome light

A dome light is a must-have accessory for your golf cart for night hunting. It provides ample lighting to help you navigate the darkness and can be a spotlight for tracking games.

Floor Mats

Floor mats

Protecting your cart’s flooring is essential, mainly if you frequently use it for outdoor activities.

Floor mats keep your cart clean and free from dirt or debris, providing traction to prevent slipping in wet or muddy conditions.

Golf Cart Wheels and Tires 

Golf cart wheels and tires

Upgraded golf cart wheels and tires enhance your golf cart’s appearance and improve its performance.

Choose from various size options, including all-terrain tires for off-roading or low-profile tires for a sleeker look.

Rangefinder Holder 

Rangefinder holder

A rangefinder holder allows golf cart owners to quickly and securely store their rangefinder, ensuring it is always within reach when needed. 

Golf carts can be bumpy, mainly off-road or over rough terrain.

With a rangefinder holder, you won’t have to worry about your device getting damaged or falling out of your pocket while driving.

Additional Golfing Accessories to Enhance Your Golfing Experience 

Additional golfing accessories to enhance your golfing experience

Not everyone buys golf carts for the greens, but for those who do, there’s nothing like being knowledgeable about these excellent golfing accessories.

  • Golf Bag: A golf cart bag is a must-have for any golfer. It allows you to easily carry your clubs and other essential items such as balls, tees, and gloves.
  • Golf Gloves: Protect your hands and improve your grip with good golf gloves. Golf gloves are available in various materials, such as leather or synthetic, and you can wear them on one or both hands.
  • Golf Umbrella: Don’t let bad weather ruin your golf game. A sturdy golf umbrella will keep you and your equipment dry so you can keep playing.
  • Golf Rain Hood: Like a golf umbrella, a rain hood is designed specifically for your bag. It covers the top opening of your bag and keeps your clubs dry during wet weather.
  • Divot/ Repair Tool: Taking care of the course is integral to golf etiquette. A divot tool allows you to repair any marks or holes your clubs make, keeping the greens in good condition for future players.
  • Golf Tees: These small wooden or plastic pieces are essential for teeing off on each hole. Ensure you have a few extra in your bag, as they can easily get lost or broken during a round.
  • Drink Holders for Golf Carts: If you prefer to use a golf cart while playing, drink holders are a must. Stay hydrated on the course by always keeping water or your preferred beverage within reach.
  • Golf Cart Cooler: Take your hydration game to the next level with a golf cart cooler. Keep multiple drinks chilled throughout your round for a refreshing break between holes.

How Do You Choose The Best Golf Cart Accessories?

How do you choose the best golf cart accessories

There are endless golf cart accessories on the market.

From practical items like rain covers and storage solutions to fun additions like speakers and LED lights, choosing the right ones can enhance your golf cart experience. 

Here are ten tips to help you choose the best golf cart accessories:

  1. Assess Your Needs: The first step in choosing golf cart accessories is identifying your needs. Consider the type of courses you play on, your playing style, and any specific needs or preferences you have while on the course.
  1. Quality Matters: As with any purchase, investing in high-quality accessories will ensure they last longer and perform better. Look for reputable brands and read reviews from other golfers to gauge their reliability.
  1. Don’t Overcrowd: While loading up your golf cart with every accessory available may be tempting, remember not to overcrowd. Riding this way can cause discomfort and danger while putting unnecessary strain on the cart.
  1. Consider Functionality: Golf cart accessories should enhance your experience and serve a practical purpose. For example, a rain cover protects your clubs and equipment during inclement weather.
  1. Personalize Your Cart: Customizing your golf cart with fun and unique accessories is a great way to express your personality on the course. From decorative decals to personalized seat covers, there are endless options to add a personal touch to your cart.
  1. Stay Safe: Safety should always be a top priority for golf cart accessories. Choose high-quality products designed for your specific make and model. Consider adding safety features such as seat belts or rearview mirrors to ensure a safe ride.
  1. Don’t Forget About Maintenance: Like any vehicle, golf carts require regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. When choosing accessories, consider how easy they will be to clean and maintain. For example, opt for water-resistant materials or removable, easily washed covers.
  1. Think Long-Term: While some accessories may seem fun, consider their long-term usefulness before purchasing. It’s essential to invest in durable and practical accessories that will last for years to come.
  1. Customize for Comfort: Golf carts are not just for functionality. They can also be a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Add accessories like cup holders, armrests, or a stereo system to enhance your riding experience.
  1. Stay Within the Law: Check local laws and regulations before purchasing any golf cart accessory. Some areas may restrict certain accessories, such as speed boosters or headlights.

How Do You Wire Accessories on a Golf Cart? 

How do you wire accessories on a golf cart

Wiring accessories on a golf cart can be a simple process if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before beginning any wiring project, gather all the materials, such as wire cutters, strippers, crimping tools, electrical tape, and the accessory you are installing.

Step 2: Find the Power Source

Locate the power source for your accessory. It could be from the battery or fuse box. Choose a power source appropriate for your accessory’s voltage requirements.

Step 3: Connect Wires

Connect the positive wire (usually red) to the positive terminal and the negative wire (typically black) to the negative terminal of your chosen power source.

Step 4: Secure Wires

Use wire connectors or crimping tools to secure the wires together. Make sure they are tightly connected and there is no exposed wiring.

Step 5: Insulate Wires

Cover the connection with electrical tape to insulate it, preventing accidental short circuits.

Step 6: Mount Accessory

Once the wires are securely connected, mount your accessory onto the golf cart using the hardware.

Step 7: Test Your Work

Test your accessory before spinning your cart to ensure it functions properly. This step will save you from potential issues down the road.


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