If you’ve been searching for golf cart dealers near me regarding purchasing a golf cart, you may find it challenging to decide on the best model.

That’s why we created a rundown of our favorite 2023 E-Z-GO carts to make it easier for you to find your dream cart.


Why Buy E-Z-GO Golf Carts?

With golf carts, E-Z-GO is the most trusted brand in the industry.

For over 60 years, these vehicles have been reliable and fun.

E-Z-GO’s best-rated golf carts are built with high-quality materials and provide a smooth ride.

They have many models, so you can find one to fit your lifestyle.

E-Z-GO golf carts are highly efficient and easy to maintain.

They require little effort to keep them running, with minimal yearly maintenance.

And if you ever do have problems, our service technicians will take care of you quickly and efficiently.

And as an E-Z-GO golf cart part supplier, it’s easy to find the needed parts. We also provide E-Z-GO golf cart repairs.

If you ever need new tires, bearings, shafts, cylinders, or anything else for your cart, we have what you need to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Now that you know E-Z-GO is the way to go, here are five of our best 2023 golf cart picks.

#6: E-Z-GO Express S4

EZGO Express S4

Are you ready for the next level in golf cart luxury? The 2023 E-Z-GO Express S4 golf cart has arrived with all the bells and whistles that will make your ride the neighborhood envy.

The E-Z-GO Express S4 is the perfect golf cart for those who want to cruise in style.

This four-seater comes with a gas or electric version, allowing you to choose whichever best fits your lifestyle.

This chic golf cart has an upscale interior with an upgraded steering wheel and dash.

And you can customize your cart even further with a wide selection of tire and wheel options.

A rear-facing seat for two has convenient enclosed storage for those extra belongings.

This model stands out with its luxurious design, enhanced safety features, comfortable interior options, and powerful engine choices.

#5: All-New E-Z-GO Valor

2023 EZGO Valor

Say goodbye to the old and say hello to the all-new E-Z-GO Valor golf cart.

Not only has E-Z-GO upgraded this model for a stylishly modern design, but it also provides superior stability compared to its predecessors.

Enjoy driving an ever-improving workforce golf cart that responds quickly, with ample power allocations, and is perfect for recreational or customizable events.

This fast, meticulously designed vehicle has automotive-style hanging pedals, ultra-bright LED headlights and taillights, and an independent front suspension that makes you feel like a professional racer.

But it’s not just about speed.

The brand-new AC drivetrain comes with IntelliBrake technology, so you’ll know you’re in safe hands, no matter how adventurous your ride might become.

Powered by a 48-Volt AC powertrain or an EX1 closed-loop EFI gas engine, step into the future with a Valor for a powerful, safe, and luxurious golf cart experience.

#4: E-Z-GO Freedom RXV 

2023 EZGO Freedom RXV

Get ready to experience an enhanced, luxurious lifestyle with the E-Z-GO Freedom RXV golf cart.

Boasting outstanding design and power, this personal golf cart has been designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

The RXV lives up to its name as it provides the freedom to customize your ride with two or four-passenger options.

There’s plenty of space with a spacious new dashboard and smooth sailing with improved independent front suspension. Plus, electric-powered vehicles come with an automatic parking brake.

Unleash your next golf cart experience with ELiTE lithium battery packs: a powerful 2.2 single or 4.2 twin pack. You will get an improved range, better performance, and a faster charge.

The E-Z-GO Freedom RXV is perfect for anyone who wants an unforgettable golf cart experience without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

With its luxurious design, improved range and storage space through battery options added to the vehicle, and numerous upgraded features, this golf cart doesn’t disappoint.

#3: E-Z-GO Express S2

2023 EZGO Express S2

Get ready to experience the power and agility of E-Z-GO’s 2023 Express S2 golf cart. The perfect combination of style, function, and performance comes together in an exciting new package from E-Z-GO.

The Express S2 is a marvel of engineering that combines a sleek and stylish design with Samsung SDI lithium power for an unforgettable ride.

Enjoy top-of-the-line performance, up to 20 percent more acceleration, an extended range with adjustable speed settings, and charge times in less than five hours.

With its improved multifunction gauge, you can easily keep track of essential details such as your cart’s speed, battery levels, and the total number of hours used without having to do extra guesswork or calculations.

There’s also more dashboard storage space for items you may need while cruising and premium tires and wheels that help improve overall ride quality.

#2: The New Liberty

2023 EZGO Liberty

The E-Z-GO 2023 Liberty golf cart is an affordable and convenient way to get around in style!

Its 4-person seating capacity makes it easy to transport your entourage of passengers all at once while facing the same direction.

The Liberty is a state-of-the-art vehicle powered by a Samsung SDI lithium technology system that provides unmatched energy, reliability, and performance when needed.

Its sleek, ergonomic design adds to its undeniable style while providing advanced features to ensure comfort, including a suspension system that absorbs shocks and vibrations for a smooth ride.

Making life easier has never been so effortless with our accessories supplier collection of accessories designed to enhance your pleasure and convenience when using this fantastic buggy.

There is a hitch mount receiver and an impressive 4-bag holder for perfect storage solutions, giving you the space to store whatever will make your outing more enjoyable.

With its powerful lithium battery system, comfortable seating and interior design features, safety-focused technology enhancements, and many accessories, the E-Z-GO 2023 Liberty Golf Cart is the perfect way to get around in style.

#1: Introducing Cushman Utility and Hospitality Vehicles

Cushman Hauler Pro

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., a leader in the global manufacturing industry, produces well-known Cushman and E-Z-GO products meant to enhance outdoor leisure activities.

Cushman continues to make waves in industrial vehicles, from golf carts to medical transport vehicles.

Every model is built for productivity and value without sacrificing the environment or safety.

With Cushman leading eco-friendly transportation, workers don’t have to worry about making environmental sacrifices for maximum productivity.

Whether looking to increase efficiency in a warehouse setting or transport essential supplies, Cushman has the necessary vehicles.

Their commitment to sustainability sets them apart from their competitors.

Their range of heavy-duty utility vehicles provides essential transportation solutions for even the most demanding conditions, from personnel transport to materials conveyance.

Cushman’s versatile and powerful offerings deliver reliable performance and convenience with an eye toward the cost savings businesses need.

Let Cushman show you how their dependable, efficient lineup can make your job easier.

Happy New 2023 Carts

As an E-Z-GO dealer, our golf carts are an exciting way to start the new year right. With more speed, power, and performance than ever, these carts will impress.

We are your local Indiana golf cart dealership near me, serving East Central Indiana and Ohio’s neighboring communities, including Cincinnati,  Northgate, and Dayton.

We carry a variety of E-Z-GO and Cushman options, including lift kits for higher ground clearance, making it easy to find one that suits your lifestyle and budget.

We also offer exceptional financing offers (offer subject to credit approval).

We provide all golf cart services, from sales and rentals to repairs and customizations

No matter which model you choose, including preowned carts, you’ll enjoy the smoothest and most stylish drive possible with an E-Z-GO golf cart for the best money.

The E-Z-GO carts pictured above are only a few of our available options. You can find a complete selection at Carts & Parts or check our inventory here.

Have you seen any of E-Z-GO’s 2023 models or own one? Let us know what you think in the comments below.