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About Dayton, OH

With over 140,000 residents, Dayton, Ohio, is a proud military community named after the Revolutionary War hero Captain Jonathon Dalton. The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located in Dayton, one of the United States Air Force’s most important bases, making it the city’s largest employer. Dayton is located in Franklin County, which borders Ohio’s southern part and the North Carolina border. The county is bordered on the south by Lebanon. The Scioto River and Lake Erie bound the town. The Ohio River flows through downtown and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Cedar Point Park.
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Living in Dayton, OH

The cost of living is low in Dayton, making it an attractive destination for residents. The prices for homes are low, making the quality of life is high thanks to a robust public school system and friendly community.

Traveling around Dayton is easy thanks to a robust highway system and the city’s Regional Transit Authority. Downtown Dayton is a friendly community for those who walk or cycle as there are many shops, restaurants, and bars clustered together for easy walking.

Things to Do in Dayton, OH

If you’re looking for some historical sites, there’s no better place than Dayton, Ohio! Dayton is a large town in central Ohio. It is home to the National Air and Space Museum, with an extensive collection of artifacts from the early 1900’s era aircraft to a space capsule exhibit. The Dayton Art Museum has a small zoo and kid’s science exhibits. International fine art also is on display at the Dayton Arts Center.

The Dayton Art Museum

The Dayton Art Museum is one of the largest in the United States. Visitors can view works by famous local artists, including James Whitcomb Riley, Richard Eyland, and William Wrigley.

Other exhibits include the Children of War memorial display that showcases the stories of service members, an aircraft and ship scrapyard, a world-renowned museum of the Wright Brothers, and a collection of historic houses owned by the Wright brothers.

The museum also hosts a variety of events. It has a summer concert series, an annual parade, an annual fair, a children’s festival, and a craft festival.

Dayton, Ohio History

In the early days of the railroad, Dayton was the site of a major railroad crossing. The railroad continued along the Scioto River, but the tracks were changed after the crossing became unstable. At present, the tracks of this railroad now serve the tracks of the Metro Gold Line.

The City of Dayton was incorporated as a city in 1887. Its population is approximately ninety thousand people. A group of citizens founded it from all parts of Ohio. Although the area was not named Dayton, Ohio initially, the name was derived from James B. Dayton, an American politician, and publisher of The Evening Free Press.

Downtown’s City Hall is a great place to walk around and take a tour. It has a great atmosphere. In fact, there is a great deal of historic architecture to admire at the City Hall. City Hall has an archway that connects the front door with the lobby.

Carillon Historical Park and Museum

Carillon Historical Park and Museum is a 62-acre public park and museum in Dayton, OH, which includes numerous exhibits and historical buildings about Dayton’s past and surrounding areas since 1796.

The historical elements of this park were the creation of Colonel Edward Deeds, a local businessman. Deeds wanted to create an attraction that could promote tourism and serve as an educational center for his community.

The National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum in Dayton, OH, is a fantastic museum for anyone looking to learn about the history of aviation and U.S. Air Force history.

The museum is located in Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, six miles southeast of Dayton, Ohio. The NMUSAF Museum is the largest and oldest U.S. military aviation museum, having over 400 planes and helicopters on display.

There are also many exhibits about air travel history, U.S. pilots and the military, and other historical information.

The Greene Town Center

The Greene Town Center is a popular shopping complex located in Beavercreek, Ohio, a Dayton suburb.

The shopping complex includes an office, retail, dining, and entertainment center and serves as the third major shopping mall in the Dayton region. Besides great food, the shopping complex is also home to the city’s largest movie theater.

Professional Sport Teams

Cincinnati is only a one-hour drive from Dayton for those who enjoy professional sports teams, such as, The Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati Reds, and FC Cincinnati—a Major League Soccer team formed in March 2019.

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