Columbus, OH

About Columbus, OH

Columbus is the third-largest city in the Midwest and the state capital of Ohio. The city’s Scioto Mile, a chain of parks on either side of the Scioto River, offers a beautiful riverfront park and an interactive, pedestrian-oriented fountain.

Downtown, the Franklin County Community College is home to several campus buildings, museums, and athletic facilities. The Scioto neighborhood has restored brick homes built by 1800s immigrants.

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Living in Columbus, OH

Columbus is located in Franklin County and is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Residents live in an urban-suburban mix feel, and most residents rent their homes. There are many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks located here.

Columbus, Ohio, is home to numerous Fortune 500 corporations, including Conagra Foods, Verizon, Continental Tire, and Ford Motor Company.

Despite the city having an industrial feel, there are quite a few parks and museums in the area.

Things to Do in Columbus, OH

In today’s world, Columbus, Ohio, remains proud to stand out and make a lasting impression. Its downtown core is vibrant with entertainment, dining, and shopping. The Columbus Museum of Art has an American and European art collection, and the state capitol building is located in the center of downtown Columbus.

In addition to these attractions, there is also the state’s science center. The facility features several exhibits in the Science Gallery, a unique section of the science center devoted to exhibits that educate people about science history.

There are also several walking paths located on the beautiful Riverside park of Columbus, Ohio. Located between Scioto Avenue and Easton Avenue and running along the river banks, this walking path offers a great place for walking with friends and family. The trails begin at the park’s west end and reach a point where the park curves away to the east and continues to Easton Street. The path follows this street to the park’s south side, then proceeds down to the north side.


There is something special about living in Columbus, OH. You will be able to find plenty of real estate deals here, including affordable and attractive homes in all kinds of price ranges.

Columbus is a significant urban city with national companies, a dynamic arts district, pro sports teams, unique neighborhoods with diverse residential options, and accessibility to many recreational and cultural opportunities.

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