If you love your golf cart, then you know one of the best ways to keep it running smoothly is to keep it clean.

Cleaning your cart can be tedious, but with these simple steps, it can be easy.

This guide explains everything you need to know about cleaning your golf cart, from the basics to more advanced techniques, so you can have the best clean golf cart on the block!


Follow these instructions for an easy cleaning process.

Step 1: Preparation

A closeup of golf cart cleaning supplies with a green and pink towels draped over a green bucket.

Before you start your cleaning, make sure you’re prepared. You’ll need the right products because different surfaces require different tools.

The following items should be at hand:

  • Bucket
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Sponge, soft cloths, and an old toothbrush
  • Scrub brush
  • Rubber gloves

Step 2: Cleaning the interior

First, remove your personal items, including golf clubs, from the golf cart. Don’t forget to remove trash as well.

Use a broom, vacuum, or leaf blower to remove dirt and debris.

To properly clean the interior, use a water hose and spray the floor mat inside the golf cart, including the cup holders.

4 frames of a golf carts cupholders with purple flowers in the background.

Fill a bucket halfway with water and add a small dish soap.

Wipe down all the plastic surfaces throughout the interior using a sponge or soft cloth.

Never use harsh detergents.

Wipe cup holders with a toothbrush to remove dirt in grooves. Rinse by wiping down with a wet sponge.

Step 3: Cleaning the exterior

Spray the exterior with a hose, taking care to avoid electrical components.

Using a giant sponge, gently apply the bucket water and dish soap cleaning solution to the entire outside of the golf cart.

A closeup of a woman's hand using a giant green sponge to clean a black golf cart.

Rinse with a water hose.

Step 4: Wash your wheels

Now it’s time to clean your cart’s wheels. First, rinse with a strong stream from a water hose, and then use a wire brush to remove any rust or corrosion.

Afterward, give them a good wipe down with some degreaser cleaner before spraying on a protective coating.

Step 5: Cleaning the windshield and mirrors

Whatever you do, do not use paper towels or glass cleaners like Windex on golf cart windshields and mirrors. Instead, use warm water and a clean rag.

Use a golf cart windshield polish to remove minor scratches, such as E-Z-GO Windshield & Plastic Protector.

Apply the polish using a soft cloth and let it dry for about 30 minutes.

Buff with a clean cotton towel, using small circles and moving from left to right.

Apply another coat if necessary and buff again until clear.

Step 6: Drying

A yellow drying towel on a wet black golf cart.

You should spend a reasonable amount of time drying the golf cart inside and out to avoid water spots. Use a microfiber towel, making sure not to miss any spots.

The best way to hand dry your cart is to go from the top down.

Once you have completed that process, move on to the lower parts of the cart, such as the bumpers and the parts of the undercarriage.

Once all areas are dried, use a second microfiber towel for a final wipe-down to ensure your golf cart is completely dry.

Step 7: Cleaning the battery

golf cart battery

Whether you have 6-V, 48-V, or lithium, you should be able to clean the battery comfortably.

Wearing rubber gloves, first, disconnect the cables. Next, sprinkle baking soda on the top of the batteries and gently rinse with water.

Use a damp paper towel to remove any corrosion on the battery terminal before using a wire brush to remove any additional residue.

Finish by wiping with a soft towel.

Reconnect the cables, and you’re done!

And while you’re there, why not check your battery water levels?

Step 8: Cleaning under the hood

You might not think about it often, but you should regularly clean your cart’s engine compartment.

It contains water and oil, so if these liquids mix too long, they’ll corrode important components like hoses and cables.

Start by removing dirt and debris from under your vehicle’s hood.

Then spray the inside of the compartment with a water/detergent solution and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the grunge away.

Step 9: Finishing up  

Your cart should look fresh at this point, but if you want to do one more cleaning trick, you could wax your cart’s body like some golf courses do.

Use a high-quality car wax and apply it toward the paint’s grain. A

llow at least two hours for the polish to dry before using your golf cart.

If your battery is low, this is a good time to charge it.

The last thing to do, and the most important, is to wipe high-touch surfaces with disinfecting wipes, such as the steering wheel, grab handles, and bars, to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs.

Now go and enjoy your sparkling, clean golf cart!

A senior couple both wearing white and smiling in a white, clean golf cart.

Other Golf Cart Cleaning Topics

How to clean golf cart seats

Golf cart seats tend to get dirty fast. To effectively clean your golf cart seats, clean them regularly to avoid deep stains.

Follow these steps for clean golf cart seats year-round.

Step 1: Identify the seat covers material

Before cleaning your golf cart seats, it’s essential to know what material they’re made from. Most carts these days are made of vinyl. However, they can also be made of leather, fabric, or canvas.

Knowing the material will help you choose the appropriate cleaning product. Leather, for instance, requires a special cleaner.

Step 2: Are the seat covers removable?

The next step is to check whether the seat covers are removable.

If they are, simply remove and wash them according to the tag instructions.

Step 3: How to clean vinyl seats

Apply a vinyl cleaning solution to a clean cloth and wipe to clean vinyl seats.

Try using a melamine foam pad for removing stains, such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (you can also use this type of pad on the steering wheel). Then, dampen the pad and gently rub the stain.

If you have a more troublesome stain like sticky tree sap, chewing gum, or glue, apply rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to a white paper towel or rag and wipe slowly. Be sure to use white material to avoid discoloration.

After cleaning, dry the seats with a microfiber towel. Do not let the seats air dry; this method can lead to water spots.

How to Clean the Aluminum Parts of Your Cart

Polishing the aluminum parts of your golf cart is a quick and easy way to improve its appearance.

You will need an aluminum cleaner, a cleaning solution, and aluminum polish to do this.

First, use a soft towel to clean the aluminum parts with a mild cleaning solution.

Next, apply the aluminum cleaner to the parts and wipe clean.

Finally, top off with an aluminum polish to achieve a brilliant shine.

How to Remove Mold and Mildew from Cart Seats

Remove as much mold and mildew as possible from the cart seat surfaces using a dry nylon brush.

Begin the mold-cleaning process by combining a small amount of liquid soft with four cups of lukewarm water.

Using a spray bottle, apply the solution to affected areas and work into the surface with a towel using firm back-and-forth strokes.

If there are some stubborn areas, try using an old toothbrush for a more thorough cleaning.

You may also want to try other cleaning solutions, such as rubbing alcohol and bleach, if the seats are white.

After rinsing with a damp cloth, allow the seat to air dry in the sun if possible.

More Tips and Tricks for Golf Cart Cleaning

Tip 1: Golf cart cleaning does not need to be difficult.

Tip 2: Some people find they get the best results by using two buckets when cleaning their golf carts.

The first bucket is used for water only, and the second bucket is used for a mixture of water and cleaning solutions.

Tip 3: It is best to use a mild solution of water and dish soap when cleaning golf carts.

Tip 4: Make sure that you wash your carts regularly by following a set schedule.

Tip 5: It is best to remove any dirt or debris from your golf carts before you start the cleaning process.

Tip 6: When deciding on a cleaner, be sure to use one that is mild and will not damage your cart.

Tip 7: If you want to add some extra shine, use a color restorer.

Tip 8: If you find any mildew or mold on your cart, be sure that you completely remove it before you attempt to clean the rest of your golf cart.

Tip 9: Be sure to rinse any cleaner off of your golf carts as soon as possible so that the residue does not damage any parts.

Tip 10: You can keep your golf carts looking their best by applying a protectant after each cleaning.

Tip 11: If you choose, you can use a bit of bleach on a white seat. Do not use bleach on colored seats.

Wrapping Up

Although cleaning a golf cart may seem like a daunting task, it can be easy if you follow the right process.

In this article, we outlined the steps necessary to clean your golf cart quickly and effectively.

Remember, we recommend using a one bucket method with two parts water and one part cleaner.

Also, be sure to rinse the vehicle well after washing and use a spray material for areas that are difficult to reach.

With these simple tips, your golf cart will be looking good as new in no time!

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