Lithium-ion batteries have radically altered our everyday lives, enabling the modern world we inhabit.

Today, lithium batteries are powering everything from cars to smartphones.

But the uses of lithium extend further; they’re now tackling more complex jobs in renewable energy storage and creating possibilities for a more interconnected and fossil-fuel-free future.

Without lithium battery manufacturers pushing the boundaries of innovation, we may have been stuck with bulky, lead-acid golf cart batteries weighing down our electric carts.

But now, those who opt for a green lifestyle can rely on lightweight lithium golf cart battery packs without compromising their battery life, performance, or safety.

Let’s examine why lithium batteries have become so popular among many golf cart owners and how they’ve changed the game. 

How Lithium Batteries Changed Golf Carts 

How Lithium Batteries Changed Golf Carts

Switching From Lead-Acid Batteries to Lithium Batteries

Should I have Lead Acid or Lithium Ion Batteries in my Golf Cart?

Lead batteries are still a viable option for those on a budget. But switching to lithium-ion batteries is easy if you want to upgrade your golf cart and replace lead-acid batteries.

Lithium offers many advantages over lead counterparts, as discussed below, including a longer lifespan, faster charging times, and lighter weight.

Lithium batteries also require less maintenance, making them an even better option for saving time and money.

One of the most critical considerations when switching to lithium is finding the proper manufacturer.

Unfortunately, not all lithium battery manufacturers produce the same quality products, so it’s essential to research and find a reliable source that fits your budget and needs.

Fortunately, many reputable lithium battery manufacturers specialize in golf cart batteries; researching each can help you narrow your options and make an informed decision.

Once you’ve found the proper lithium battery manufacturer, it’s time to choose the best lithium batteries for your golf cart. Factors like size, battery capacity, and cost can all influence your decision.

Some manufacturers even offer warranties and guarantees on their products, so be sure to ask about those.

Finally, replacing your old batteries with new lithium ones is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort.

We highly recommend a professional installer to ensure everything installs correctly and safely, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your golf cart will run smoothly with its new lithium battery pack.

With the proper battery manufacturer and model chosen, you should be able to enjoy years of stress-free performance from your golf cart—something outdated batteries can never offer.

Who Are the Lithium Battery Manufacturers?

On Top of the World Enjoys the Benefits of Trojan Lithium-Ion Golf Batteries

Lithium battery manufacturers have been pushing the boundaries of innovation, providing golf cart owners with a more reliable and efficient power source than lead batteries.

As a result, the lithium golf cart battery is quickly becoming the go-to choice for replacing older batteries because of its superior properties, such as lighter weight, higher battery capacity, and longer life span.

Lithium-ion batteries also require less maintenance throughout their lifespan, reducing downtime and costs associated with keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Regarding lithium battery manufacturers, various companies offer products for different vehicles, including golf carts. These manufacturers include Trojan Batteries, Battle Born, and Crown.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose lithium cart batteries with different capacities. For example, if you are looking for a lithium battery for a golf cart, the most common lithium batteries are 24v lithium batteries or 36V lithium-ion batteries.

If you’re considering switching to lithium power for your golf cart, research the various lithium battery manufacturers available and find the one that best meets your particular needs.

With all of their superior features, such as extended warranties and virtually maintenance-free operation, it’s easy to see why lithium-ion batteries have become so popular in recent years — even among recreational vehicle owners.

10 Lithium Golf Cart Battery Facts You Need to Know

10 Lithium Golf Cart Battery Facts You Need to Know

1. Lithium-ion Batteries Are Lighter

If lead-acid batteries have been weighing you down, it’s time to switch to lithium golf cart batteries. They weigh significantly less than acid batteries and can add an extra layer of freedom when choosing a golf cart battery, as they don’t lade your motor with too much strain.

2. Longer Battery Life

If you want to “go the extra mile” with your golf cart, look no further than investing in a battery-powered lithium model. You’ll get more power out of a lithium battery-powered golf cart than one with a lead acid battery so you can go further on a single charge.

Lithium batteries offer three times more energy density than traditional lead-acid batteries, which means they can store more energy and provide more power for longer periods.

3. Increased Efficiency

With increased efficiency comes increased performance. Lithium golf cart batteries can generate more power faster and with less strain on your motor than other battery systems. This allows for faster acceleration and improved hill-climbing capabilities. 

4. Increased Safety

Lithium-ion batteries are much safer than lead-acid batteries, as they do not contain any toxic materials or acid components. This makes them less prone to failure and reduces the risk of fire hazards.

5. Low Maintenance

Lithium golf cart batteries require very little maintenance compared to other battery systems. There’s no need to add water or check the charge levels, which saves you time and energy in the long run.

6. Environmentally Friendly

If you’re serious about reducing your environmental footprint, switching your lead-acid golf cart batteries to lithium will make a real difference.

Compared to acid batteries, lithium battery-powered golf carts emit fewer toxic fumes and toxins when they’re being used or charged.

With an increased demand for eco-friendly batteries, it’s never been easier to find high-performance solutions for powering electric vehicle applications—including your beloved golf cart.

7. Cost Effective

If you’re looking to get your hands on a battery that will last you a lifetime, you’ll have to pay for higher quality. Lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries, but these bad boys have way more juice.

Lithium golf cart batteries require far less maintenance and perform much better than lead-acid ones. They can also hold almost double the charge that lead-acid batteries can store.

Lithium technology is the same as lithium ion-powered phones and laptops, which means they stay charged longer and pose much fewer risks of fire or explosions than lead-acid batteries.

8. Easy Installation

Lithium batteries are much easier to install than lead-acid models. They can be installed in any golf cart model, regardless of size or weight.

9. Rechargeable

Unlike traditional lead acid battery models, you can recharge lithium batteries multiple times with no loss in performance. This allows you to get the most out of your battery and helps conserve energy while saving money on replacements.

10. Suitable For Various Golf Cart Types

Most lithium batteries are suitable for many vehicles, from small electric carts with a single battery to larger electric-powered golf carts that require multiple batteries. Brands such as E-Z-GO, Club Car, and others are all suitable for a lithium cart battery.

Can you replace regular golf cart batteries with lithium batteries?

Yes, you can replace regular golf cart batteries with lithium batteries, and you should.

If you’re an avid golfer, swapping traditional golf cart batteries for lithium might make your game a bit more “electrifying.” Thanks to lithium battery manufacturers, lithium batteries have become a viable option for most standard golf carts — meaning higher voltage and no memory issues.

A lithium golf cart battery can last 7 to 10 years compared to the 4-5 years from lead-acid counterparts, making them an excellent long-term investment that saves time on charges and lowers long-term maintenance costs.

Better yet, this kind of battery doesn’t experience the same dramatic performance drop in cold weather as lead-acid batteries, so head out at any temperature without worrying about your golf cart charge.

Are lithium batteries good for golf carts?

Lithium provides many benefits compared to lead acids or AGM batteries, including more extended service life, significant weight reduction, and increased energy saving. These advantages make lithium batteries a perfect replacement for golf car batteries.

How far can a lithium-ion battery golf cart go?

A lithium golf cart battery is a secret weapon for dreamers and adventurers. With their power and longevity, lithium golf cart batteries are going the distance to revolutionize the distance a golf cart can travel on one charge—up to 100 miles!

Whether driving around your local course or exploring unfamiliar terrain, lithium battery-powered golf carts will get you there without worrying about wavering battery life.

How long does a golf cart lithium battery last?

A lithium golf cart battery can last 7 to 10 years compared to the 4-5 years from lead-acid counterparts, making them an excellent long-term investment that saves time on charges and lowers long-term maintenance costs.

Better yet, this kind of battery doesn’t experience the same dramatic performance drop in cold weather as lead-acid batteries, so head out at any temperature without worrying about your golf cart charge.

Is a gas-powered or battery-powered golf cart better?

Whether a gas-powered or battery-powered golf cart is better depends on the needs and preferences of the user. Gas-powered carts are more powerful and have longer ranges, making them more suitable for heavier loads and longer distances. However, they produce emissions and require regular maintenance.

Battery-powered carts are quieter, require less upkeep, and don’t produce emissions; however, they may not have enough power to handle heavier loads over long distances.

Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular for golf carts because they offer a longer life span and require less maintenance than other batteries. In addition, a lithium golf cart battery can hold more energy, allowing them to last longer between charges.

Many lithium battery manufacturers, like Trojan Batteries, produce high-quality, reliable lithium golf cart batteries that can provide superior performance.

Ultimately, it depends on the needs and preferences of the user when deciding which type of golf cart is best.

Gas-powered or battery-powered, each has its advantages and disadvantages; however, with a quality lithium golf cart battery from a reputable manufacturer, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re operating a safe and reliable vehicle.

Are Lithium Batteries Worth It For My Golf Cart?

Are Lithium Batteries Worth It For My Golf Cart

Lithium batteries are better for golf carts in just about every way. They’re more expensive upfront, but they’ll save you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace them as often.

A golf cart lithium battery also puts less strain on the cart’s motor and doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the air. So if you’re considering upgrading your golf cart battery, go with lithium. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.

Are you using lithium batteries? What are your thoughts? We want to hear from you.